Eurocade is a meeting of European collectors of classic arcade video games. The goal is to introduce collectors to each other and enrich the experience of uniting the collecting community. Collectors are encouraged to bring one or more of their games  so all of them can enjoy.

But the first, and most important goal, is to

bring together people from all over Europe

who enjoy collecting, restoring, fixing and

playing those classic arcade video games

from The Golden Age, 1970s-1980s.

Many of these games,

like Donkey Kong, Pac Man and Space Invaders are true classics in every way.  Besides these world famous games there are also lots of less familiar gems to be discovered.

Although the graphic and sound capabilities of these machines are very limited compared to today’s games, the design of these classics are such that they are still great fun and challenging to play to this very day.



After two incredibly fun and succesful Retro Game Experiences in Hilversum, Eurocade 2015 will return to it’s original format and location in Ridderkerk near Rotterdam, The Netherlands on 12 september 2015 !!!

Eurocade is celebrating it’s first 5th edition in 2015 and it promisses to going to be an epic edition for sure !

Please note that Eurocade, contrary to the previous Retro Game Experiences is NOT a public event. No general public is allowed. Only collectors/arcade enthusiasts with a pre-registration can enter !